‘Clydesdale is my home, and I love it! I love its traditions and its history; I love that it is bursting at the seams with fantastic people living and working here; and I'm delighted to have been elected to serve as the MSP for this area.’

Aileen Campbell, MSP for Clydesdale, was born in Perth on 18th May 1980.

Aileen grew up on her parents' tenant farm and attended Collace primary school and Perth Academy before graduating with an MA joint honours degree in Politics with Economic and Social History at the University of Glasgow.

She started a career in publishing by working as an editor for Keystone, a construction magazine, in 2003 and was an editorial assistant on the pro-independence newspaper, the Scottish Standard.

Before her election to parliament, Aileen also worked for Nicola Sturgeon in 2005 and Shona Robison in 2006 as a Parliamentary Assistant.

Aileen was first elected to the Scottish Parliament on 3rd May 2007 as a list member for the South of Scotland. She was re-elected as the MSP for Clydesdale at the 5th May 2011 election and has also been appointed as Minister for Children and Young People in the Scottish Government.

In the 2016 election  she was re-elected as the MSP for Clydesdale with an increased majority. That year she became Minister for Public Health and Sport and then in 2018 she was appointed to the Cabinet as Secretary for Communities and Local Government.

She is married and lives in Biggar with her husband and her young son, Angus.



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