MSP Aileen Campbell has welcomed the latest Scottish Government budget, which will see and additional ?20 million invested in providing help for those affected by Westminster’s Bedroom Tax.

The budget, which was published on 11 September, also outlined a massive ?8 billion programme of investment in infrastructure, in an effort to boost economic growth and create jobs.

Aileen, who is Minister for Children & Young People, also highlighted the announcement of ?190 million over two years to increase early learning and childcare to 600 hours for three and four year olds and looked after twos.

Aileen commented:

"In the week which saw one of my constituents (Scott Wilson from Biggar) give moving evidence at Holyrood on how he is suffering under the UK imposed welfare reforms, I am particularly pleased that the Scottish Government is doing all it can to mitigate the effects of it. This tax, which has been condemned by the United Nation's Rapporteur, is iniquitous and hugely damaging. I am proud that it is a SNP government that is providing help to those struggling with it.

"This Government is determined to do all it can to help those affected by Westminster’s cuts.

"This is also a budget with a real focus on growth and jobs and of course I am pleased to see the investment in early learning and childcare, which should see a saving of ?700 per family. However, it also once again throws into sharp relief the need for Scotland to have full control over our economy and welfare - something that only a Yes vote in next year's referendum will secure".



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