Clydesdale MSP, Aileen Campbell has successfully brought Biggar back to South Lanarkshire through her Facebook page, Bring Biggar Back Home, but the campaign continues.

After previous attempts to make Facebook aware of their mistake of listing Biggar as being in Fife were ignored, Aileen Campbell took action, and created a Facebook page to highlight the misplacing of the town so local residents, ex-pats and businesses would be able to correctly log the town’s location on their Facebook profile.
Though the campaign was only launched last week, the Clydesdale MSP scored her first success, as Facebook rectified the mistake and correctly listed Biggar as being in South Lanarkshire.
Despite this initial success, Aileen Campbell intends to carry on the campaign and is encouraging local Facebook users to support her efforts to also bring Symington, Wiston, Dolphinton and Law back to South Lanarkshire.
Commenting, Aileen Campbell said:
"After being contacted by Shona, an ex-Biggaronian, who was frustrated at Facebook placing Biggar in Fife, I decided it would be a bit of fun to start a wee campaign to Bring Biggar Back Home to Lanarkshire!
"I decided to use Facebook to try and change their mistake and after only launching the page last week we have got a result - Biggar is now listed as being located in South Lanarkshire. However, other places like Symington and Law are still being incorrectly listed on the site.
"The campaign will now be focusing on bringing these villages back to Lanarkshire, but to be successful we need more people to ‘like’ the page and report these mistakes to Facebook."
Ex-Biggaronian, Shona McAlpine said:
"I wanted to acknowledge my Biggar roots on Facebook, but for some reason the town was listed as being in Fife!
"I asked Aileen if she could try and get Facebook to change it, as my requests had fallen on deaf ears.
"Her success means I will now be able to proudly display my Biggar roots on Facebook!"



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