Constituency MSP Aileen Campbell is supporting Quality Meat Scotland’s new Scotch Lamb campaign which builds on the success of the "Scotch Lamb, Buy Local" campaign developed last year.

This year’s campaign, which urges consumers to ‘Buy Local’ when making their purchase decisions, will tempt consumers with tantalising Scotch Lamb recipes.

The promotion is also aimed at encouraging consumers to buy Scotch Lamb when it’s at its most plentiful.
Aileen said:

"Clydesdale consumers can be rightly proud of the excellent lamb farmed on their door step.

"Scotch lamb has a worldwide reputation for its high quality and unique taste and the produce, born and reared locally ranks among the best.

"There are some fantastic and clearly delicious recipes on the Scotch beef and lamb website, which I’m certainly going to try. Importantly, there are also numerous local butchers and outlets where you can buy it.

"I would encourage Clydesdaler’s to take pride in their fabulous local produce - buy local, support local farmers, enjoy the best!"



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