Responding to the announcement that France is making moves to cut fuel taxes, Clydesdale’s constituency MSP Aileen Campbell is urging London to make an immediate cut to provide a boost to the economy and ease the pressure on hard pressed motorists.

The French Government has made a deal with producers and distributors to decrease the cost of fuel by 6 eurocents per litre for three months. The temporary move is intended to aid economic growth in France whilst more long-term measures to curb fuel prices are put into place.

Aileen said:

"The French government has recognised that high fuel costs are hammering businesses and households and choking back growth. Yet fuel tax is even worse in the UK, where we have the highest rates of tax on both petrol and diesel in all EU countries.

"Here in Clydesdale, a predominately rural area, high fuel prices hit our communities particularly hard. Residents of remote villages, commuters, farmers, hauliers and the operators of small businesses- they all suffer.

"This is another example of the London Government's dithering and detachment from reality and another clear reason why this country needs control of its economy and resources.

"An independent Scotland would be empowered to make decisions about fuel tax and be able to introduce a fuel duty regulator which Westminster has continually rejected or failed to deliver."



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