Clydesdale MSP, Aileen Campbell has expressed her ‘hope’ that a viable and lasting solution can be found for the Scottish dairy industry in light of another round of price cuts for milk producers.

Over three hundred farmers from across Scotland descended upon Lanark Auction Mart [9 July 2012] promising a co-ordinated campaign of action to reverse the cuts, which many in the industry believe will threaten their livelihoods, and obtain more control over milk prices.

Dairy farmers are facing cuts of up to 2p a litre on the farm-gate milk price resulting in producers only receiving around 25p per litre of milk, when independent analysts estimate the cost of production is now in excess of 30p per litre.

The recent developments have led to the Rural Affairs Secretary, Richard Lochhead expressing his belief that if a voluntary agreement cannot be reached between all parties to tackle plummeting milk prices then the option of legislation should be explored.

Commenting on the milk price cuts, Aileen Campbell said:

"These prices cuts are another blow to the dairy industry and highlight that the milk supply chain is not operating fairly and serving the long-term interests of the industry.

"I hope no dairy farmers from Clydesdale have to walk away from the industry because of the new cuts, but if no agreement can be reached it will be increasingly hard for our milk producers to continue to justify their outlay with such poor returns.

"Though a voluntary agreement between milk processors and producers is the Scottish Government’s preferred option the Rural Secretary has indicated that if a voluntary code of practice cannot be agreed then legislation will be explored.

"I have written to Richard Lochhead to express my concern at these developments and my belief that our dairy farmers produce a high quality and essential product for which they deserve to be paid a fair price."



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