Scottish National Party leader and First Minister of Scotland Mr Alex Salmond today [Sunday] congratulated Plaid Cymru leader Mr Ieuan Wyn Jones on Plaid’s decision to approve the “One Wales” document, which will see them become a party of government in a coalition with Labour. Labour in Wales have also approved the agreement.







Ieuan Wyn Jones is set to become the Deputy First Minister of Wales, and the agreement includes a commitment to both parties campaigning for a Yes vote in a referendum for more powers for the National Assembly, to be held within the 4-year term.


Mr Salmond said: “I warmly congratulate Plaid Cymru on becoming a party of government, and striking an agreement which enables the people of Wales to move forward.


“Plaid’s success underlines the utterly changed political landscape of these islands.  As a result of the positive events of the last few weeks in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, there are now seven political parties in government in the UK.


“This diversity is to be welcomed, and also reinforces the case for there to be formal mechanisms for dialogue across the different administrations.


“Welsh Labour’s agreement to campaign for a Yes vote in a referendum does indicate an ability to draw lessons from the election result and move on – something that the Labour Party in Scotland have shown a singular inability to do.”


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