The defibrillator unit on the wall of Clyde Vet Group's Lanark premises.


Congratulations to the Clyde Vet Group, who have bought a public access defibrillator and installed it outside their Lanark practice - very handy for any incidents across Hyndford Road at the racecourse sports grounds!

When someone has a heart attack fast intervention is vital (that is also why we are stressing the need to learn CPR), and these AED's have been proven to be important pieces of equipment in these situations.

The vet practice have also registered the unit with the Scottish Ambulance Service, so anyone calling 999 will be directed to it. Registration is vital - and any community looking to install a defibrillator should do this as it means emergency services can direct a helper straight to the nearest unit in an emergency.

The units are very easy to use; once the pads are placed on the patient, the unit takes over,communicating the timing and needed strength of compressions,

The defibrillator is the latest step in health and safety taken by the vets, who - working with large animals - have a lot of experience of emergencies and have trained the staff in first aid.

They hope the unit will never be needed, but it is important that people know where it is and how straightforward it is to use.

Welcoming me this morning were reception manager Aretha Lovatt, and vets Lynne Whitefield, and Niall Kenny.



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