SNP MSP for Clydesdale, Aileen Campbell has welcomed the Scottish Government’s announcement that its investment in the Strengthening Communities Programme will be increased by £500,000 to £2.5 million.


Among the list of community organisations that are expected to continue receiving grant funding in 2016/2017 include two South Lanarkshire groups - the Healthy ‘n’ Happy Community Development Trust in Cambuslang and Clydesdale’s Carluke Development Trust.


More than 40 community organisations that are transforming disused properties and setting up enterprises, will receive a share of the fund. The purpose of the fund is to help communities lead self-sustaining regeneration work.


Commenting, Aileen said:


“The increased investment in the fund is a welcome step for groups who are taking control of their own areas and producing opportunities for communities.


“Here in Clydesdale we’ve seen the great example of the Carluke Development Trust and the High Mill project. Community Empowerment Minister Marco Biagi visited the High Mill in the summer and saw for himself the efforts being made to enhance our community resources and bring more economic opportunity to the area.


“I’m pleased to see the Development Trust on the list of organisations expected to continue receiving from the fund. Thanks to the dedication of members, the group sets a national example of ways in which communities can take the future of their area into their own hands.


“With the Community Empowerment Act coming into effect this year and the £500,000 increase in the Strengthening Communities fund, it’s clear that local decision making in Scotland is being transformed.”




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