Aileen Campbell MSP has published the results of a survey she conducted in Forth regarding the proposals to replace the Post Office with a counter in a local shop. Local residents were overwhelmingly concerned about the small size of the shop and the lack of privacy for dealing with financial matters. Together with the RBS branch closure there are widely held concerns that this another blow for Forth Main Street. Of the 52 respondents only one indicated they were satisfied with the proposal.


The Post Office are currently consulting on the proposal to close the post office and start a counter service in RS McColls, 61-65 Main Street, Forth. Aileen is submitting her findings to them ahead of the consultation closing on the 2nd of February.


Aileen Campbell MSP said:



“The obvious result of my survey is that this proposal does not have the support of local people in Forth. This is clear from the fact that 98% of respondents opposed the changes. It is clear that the Post Office have not managed to make the case for these changes to the local community and there are fundamental concerns regarding access.


“People are concerned about the suitability of the new premises. There are worries that the shop is well stocked as it is, with not much room to manoeuvre for those who aren’t so mobile. I’ll be sending these results to Post Office Ltd. directly and also pressing them to take these well-founded concerns into account.”



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