Following the news that a nuclear weapons convoy has once more travelled through Clydesdale en-route to Faslane and Coulport, Aileen Campbell MSP has reiterated her call for a halt to the nuclear weapons being driven through Scotland. Following the latest convoy, the SNP MSP for Stirling, where the convoy was spotted, has written to the Defence Secretary Michael Fallon calling on the UK government to stop the transportation by road convoy. The vehicles came north on the M74, before going to Stirling and then heading to the nuclear weapons facility at Coulport on Loch Long.


CND said that it was highly likely that the vehicles were carrying upgraded nuclear warheads which were to be fitted onto ballistic missiles at Loch Long. The vehicles returned by the same route later in January with warheads which were to be modified in Berkshire, travelling in heavy snow.


There is also a motion before the Scottish Parliament condemning these convoys and demanding that they are no longer used to transport nuclear weapons.


Commenting Aileen Campbell said:


“There have been too many occasions in recent years where these warheads are being transported in bad weather through our towns, cities and villages. This incident is just the latest in a long line of convoys taking the warheads through settlements across the country. Communities do get concerned about the fact that these powerful weapons are being transported past their homes in all weathers and road conditions.


“I believe these weapons of mass destruction are fundamentally immoral and share the view of many ex-servicemen that they are strategically obsolete given the threats we now face from groups like Daesh. But whilst the UK holds on to these cold war relics it’s vital that safety is paramount.”



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