SNP MSP for Clydesdale, Aileen Campbell has today highlighted new figures showing that Tory welfare cuts are costing 600 jobs in South Lanarkshire - confirming that the socially harmful Tory policy agenda is failing to deliver the economic development promised.


Aileen has also highlighted that the 3 council areas represented by Tory Secretary of State David Mundell MP, South Lanarkshire, Dumfries and Galloway and the Scottish Borders, have lost over 1000 jobs due to Tory Welfare cuts.


New research from the independent Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) shows that as a result of reduced disposable income due to social security cuts, £1,520 million has been removed each year from the Scottish economy - with the resultant loss of jobs across Scotland.


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This new data comes on the back of expert evidence from Sheffield Hallam University to the Scottish Parliament’s Welfare Reform Committee making clear that Tory social security cuts had "no relationship with employment growth" and that "the evidence provides little support for the view that welfare reform is having important and positive impacts on the labour market in Scotland."


Commenting, Campbell said:


"It’s now abundantly clear that the punitive Tory cuts to social security have failed by even their own economic standards - and it’s people in South Lanarkshire who are paying the price. We now know that Tory social security cuts are actually costing 600 jobs in South Lanarkshire by draining spending power out of our communities and damaging the economy.


"It is worth noting that across the local authorities that local MP David Mundell represents, over 1000 jobs have been lost as a result of his party’s policies. David Mundell is supposed to be the Secretary of State FOR Scotland - not against Scotland. I call on him to consider the devastating impact of his party’s attacks on the vulnerable in his own constituency and the constituents we share, as well as right across Scotland.


"With their welfare cuts failing by every conceivable measure, it’s time for the Prime Minister and David Mundell to finally admit that the Conservative Party’s unfair policies simply don’t work. A U-turn from this Tory government is long overdue. It seem they are more interested in punishing those out of work than in supporting people back into work."




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