Aileen Campbell, SNP MSP for Clydesdale, has today called on South Lanarkshire Council to investigate a comfort scheme as operated in Perth and Kinross. The proposal would see the council providing funding to local businesses who make their toilets open to the public. South Lanarkshire Council is currently looking to close public toilets across Clydesdale. Ms Campbell has attended several meetings regarding closures and raised them with the Scottish Government. One of the South Lanarkshire Council representatives at these meetings used Perth and Kinross as an example of an area which had closed public toilets. However, that council worked with local communities and businesses to make sure a workable solution was found.

Ms Campbell said:

"The example from Perth and Kinross shows that where there’s a bit of imagination and respect for local communities, a workable solution can often be found. To remove a service and not give any thought to the consequences can only harm the experience of visitors to Clydesdale and leave people less inclined to shop in our town centres.

"This is another issue where South Lanarkshire Council should be looking at the assets we have in our communities already and not applying blanket policies that don’t suit rural Clydesdale. A comfort scheme like they have in other local authorities might not suit all the towns and villages in Clydesdale but it is certainly worth exploring as a way forward in the weeks ahead."



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