Aileen Campbell, SNP MSP for Clydesdale, has again written to South Lanarkshire Council over concerns raised with her by parents and carers across the constituency over changes to the eligibility for school transport. The new proposals mean that only children living over three miles away will be automatically entitled to transport to their local secondary school. Previously, eligibility was based on living at a distance of over two miles.
The council are currently running a consultation on this issue and there will be a public meeting in Lanark on the 21st of April.
Aileen said:
"Concerned parents from right across the constituency have raised their fears with me about what these changes will now mean for their children. Of course we want our children to be more active and to walk more, but roads are busier and cars are faster so we must ensure that the safety of children is put first before any new blanket approach to this policy is adopted. Clydesdale has many villages, hamlets and settlements on twisty rural roads that may technically be within the three mile cut-off, but it would raise considerable concerns if children were to walk routinely on these roads.
"I will ensure the views that have been presented to me are submitted to the consultation and to the Council, and would urge the council not to take an arbitrary blanket approach to this transportation issue."



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